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Our Voices


“The union representatives at DPW worked very hard to help me keep my job when I was in a bad situation and needed their assistance. They represented me professionally and diligently worked on my case. I appreciate the reps, they helped DPW see that I am a good employee.”

Member of Local 2091, DPW

“I started working at DPW/SWEEP as an inspector in 2005. From the first day I was performing my inspector duties, admin duties and supervisor’s duties. I helped when and where needed. In 2010 I along with a group of people went to the union (local 2091) tired of being denied/passed up for promotions despite receiving excellent evaluations, performing well beyond my duties and praise from supervisors. In November 2010 Local 2091 filed a grievance on my behalf requesting a promotion and retroactive pay. In December 2010 a response was issued from the Director of DPW acknowledging DPW had violated DPM, Subpart “B” Promotions, Section 8.3 and awarded me a settlement of a promotion and retroactive pay. The union got me the resolution I deserved! Thank you 2091 for fighting for me like I was your only member!”
Member AFSCME Local 2091, DPW

“My name is Samuel and I am a member of Local 1959. I have been working with DCPS Transportation Department since 2002 and unfortunately without my knowing they terminated me from my job in May of 2010. Since day one, the union has been examining my case, following the proper procedures and now my case has been won. I am very pleased with the way local 1959 and Council 20 handled my case!”
Member of Local 1959