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Local 3001 Member Elizabeth Guzmán Running for Virginia House of Delegates

Delegate Elizabeth Guzmán, a member of AFSCME Local 3001, is running for re-election to her seat in the Virginia House of Delegates representing District 31, which includes portions of Prince William and Fauquier County.

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman and District Council 20 Executive Director Andrew Washington
AFSCME Local 3001 Member and Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman with DC20 Executive Director Andrew Washington

District Council 20 Executive Director Andrew Washington delivered the following remarks at a campaign event on August 27, 2019:

Sisters and Brothers of AFSCME,
It is our honor to introduce one of our member and the Vice President of the Virginia Public Employees Local 3001, of the American  Federation  of State, County and Municipal Employees, and a Political Legislative Coordinator of AFSCME’s Washington DC’s Council 20, — AFSCME, and also, a member of the North Virginia Labor Federation, Elizabeth Guzman
Our member has made History in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Over 20 years ago, our member immigrated to the USA, and 15 years, in the state of Virginia, from Peru as a single mother.  She left her native homeland in search of the American Dream, the same Dream that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King taught us to pursue.
She has lived in Prince Williams County, the City of Dale, for over 10 years. She, along with her husband Carlos, have raised four wonderful children.  She not only worked many jobs to survive, but she has pushed herself to acquire college degrees; and also, to serve the people,  to serve her community. She has been, and continues to be, a Social Service worker and Public Administrator in the City of Alexandria, while living and serving her community in Prince William County.
This Dreamer defied all obstacles. A Peruvian women, mother of four, with cooperation of her husband, raised not just her family, but has been dedicated to make change for all working people. 
And so, she made History!  She took on a challenge to fight back inequality. To fight back injustice not just in the community, but in the workplace. And finally, the greatest of all challenge, to take on a conservative 8 term Legislator in the 31st District of Virginia.  She came forward and with friends and allies, built an incredible grass roots campaign in the 31st District, and she help make history. She won the last  2017 November elections, becoming one of 2 Latina women that made history in getting elected in Virginia House of Delegate. Not only did she win the 31st District, but, she was elected the President of the Freshman Class of the Virginia House of Delegates. 
Not only did she gain this position, but she was selected by the Democratic Party in January, 2018, to speak across America, on the Spanish media, in response to President’s Trump state of the union address. This Peruvian mother and public servant has taken on the Goliaths. She has joined in our fights for Better Education,  for Defense and improvement of Medicare and Medicaid, for Affordable Housing, for the  Voice of the Voiceless, for rights of all women, workers, and of course,  for Immigrant Rights!
Over the past two years as a novice legislator in North Virginia, Elizabeth has fought for, and continues to fight for the following:
* For legislations that regulates plastics, helping to protect the Chesapeake Bay and VA’s waterways; and active support for VA’s New Green Deal;
* For renewable energy and support of the OFF Fossil Fuels Act;
* In front of recent new Federal Tax regulations, she’s joined in the challenge to provide tax refunds to all of VA’s tax payers;
  • She’s been on front line in defense of Teachers and public education, Firefighters, pursuing budgets that increase the pay of these public servants;
  •   She’s pushed for increases of the pay for those public servants that insure democracy in the Election Registration; as well as keeping focus to insure that any redistricting efforts in VA thus not destroy the democratic gains recently achieved in VA;
  •   She has fought to expand Medicare in VA and defended the ACA, in front of the Trump Administration’s and his VA supporters seeking to eliminate Health Care as a right;
  •   She has fought to increase the minimum wage in VA; has fought to end Private Prisons; and the recent Trump efforts to seek Detention Centers for Immigrant children.
From our International President of AFSCME, Lee Saunders, to our Washington DC/North VA District Council President Robert Hollingsworth and Director Andrew Washington, – we are proud of this member of our union AFSCME Local 3001. She embodies the new fighting spirit that AFSCME is re-organizing and re-energizing in Northern Virginia, joining with all of you here in the North VA Labor. She is helping to revive our union’s fighting spirit in Prince Williams County, in Fairfax County, in Arlington County, in the City of Alexandria, and in City of Richmond.  She is helping to bring new spirit to our Bus Operators and Mechanics, our Public Works, Water Authorities & Environmental Services workers, our Behavioral Health workers, our Social Services, our administrators, our Housing Authorities, and more.
She is a fighting Dreamer, a Women who Dares to Struggle, and Dares to Win! This member of ours Never Quits! She is AFSCME Strong! She is living reality of our slogan, Si Se Puede!
She now is now engaged in the campaign to get re-elected this coming November, 2019. She continues to fight the dark side of the Republican machine in Virginia that seeks to rollback labor and civil rights gains. She needs all of labor and civil rights support. She needs all of AFSCME support to insure that she continues to not just make AFSCME Strong, but North Virginia and America, Labor and Civil Rights Strong!

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