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Local 2776

Robert Hollingsworth

Robert Hollingsworth

Robert Hollingsworth
Office of Tax and Revenue
Phone: 202-442-6913
Email: moc.l1511368460iamg@151136846045mem1511368460noinU1511368460

“Looking ahead to the task before us, we remember our successes. Knowing each victory was won by the strength of unity. We preserve the path set by our brothers and sisters who came before us. By our actions we inspire those who take up the struggle after us.”


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Local 2776 Officers

Vice President
Sheena Benjamin
Email: vog.c1511368460d@nim1511368460ajneb1511368460_anee1511368460hS1511368460

Valette Janifer

Recording Secretary
Ruth Winston
Email: vog.c1511368460d@not1511368460sniw.1511368460htuR1511368460

Executive Board Member
Mary Yearby
Email: vog.c1511368460d@ybr1511368460aey.y1511368460raM1511368460

Trustee (3 Year)
Robert McNair
Email: vog.c1511368460d@ria1511368460ncm.t1511368460reboR1511368460

Chief Steward

Eddie Harris
Phone: 202-442-6783
Email: vog.c1511368460d@sir1511368460rah.e1511368460iddE1511368460

Local 2776 Events

December 5, 2017
December 21, 2017