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Local 2401

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown
Department of Human Services
Phone: 202-365-0127
Email: moc.l1508211978oa@6a1508211978nirba1508211978snwor1508211978B1508211978


“The future of the union is on the chopping block. We must continue to fight for higher wages and stronger contracts. Without unions, we will convert to “At-Will” workers.”


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Local 2401 Officers

Executive Board Member
Paula Akinleye
Email: vog.c1508211978d@eye1508211978lnika1508211978.alua1508211978P1508211978

Executive Board Member
Sheela Green
Email: vog.c1508211978d@nee1508211978rg.al1508211978iehS1508211978

Executive Board Member
Helen Shamwell
Email: vog.c1508211978d@lle1508211978wmahs1508211978.nele1508211978H1508211978

Chief Steward

Local 2401 Events

October 31, 2017
November 28, 2017