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Local 2087

Laverne L Gooding-Jones

LaVerne Gooding-Jones

LaVerne Gooding-Jones
University of the District of Columbia
Phone: 202-274-6167
Email: ude.c1508211939du@gn1508211939idoog1508211939l1508211939


“Our main goal is to represent you fairly. This is your local and we need you to be an integral part of your local by working together to make Local 2087 the best local ever. Together we stand; divided we fall. We must be brave, bold and determined as we take this journey together!!”


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Local 2087 Officers

Vice President
Michael Hackley
Email: ude.c1508211939du@ye1508211939lkcah1508211939m1508211939

Trelaunda Beckett
Email: ude.c1508211939du@tt1508211939ekceb1508211939t1508211939

Executive Board Member
Andre L. Britton
Email: ude.c1508211939du@si1508211939llea1508211939

Executive Board Member
Alfreda Ellis
Email: ude.c1508211939du@si1508211939llea1508211939

Executive Board Member
Andre L. Britton
Email: ude.c1508211939du@no1508211939ttirb1508211939a1508211939

Executive Board Member
Shirley Johnson

Trustee (1 year)
Byron K. Tyler
Email: ude.c1508211939du@re1508211939lyt1508211939

Trustee (2 Year)
Gail M. Turner
Email: ude.c1508211939du@re1508211939nrutm1508211939g1508211939

Trustee (3 Year)
Willie Gardner
Email: ude.c1508211939du@re1508211939ndrag1508211939w1508211939

Staff Rep Local 2087
Walter Jones
Phone: 202-841-6722
Email: moc.l1508211939oa@78150821193902lac1508211939oL1508211939

Chief Steward

Local 2087 Events

October 18, 2017
November 1, 2017