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Local 1959

Corey Upchurch

Corey Upchurch

Corey Upchurch
OSSE Dept. of Transportation
Phone: 202-641-8169
Email: moc.l1511368739iamg@15113687395191h1511368739cruhc1511368739puc1511368739

“I hope to innervate, motivate and agitate my members. A Leader must be close enough to relate to others but far enough ahead to motivate them.”


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Local 1959 Officers

Vice President
Tesfu Teckle
Email: moc.l1511368739iamg@151136873975elk1511368739cet.t1511368739

Delonda Johnson
Phone: 202-641-1399
Email: moc.l1511368739iamg@15113687399180n1511368739osnho1511368739jcD1511368739

Recording Secretary
Latanya Graham
Phone: 202-365-4631
Email: moc.o1511368739ohay@15113687391maha1511368739rgayn1511368739otaL1511368739

Executive Board Member
Joseph C Augustin
Email: moc.o1511368739ohay@15113687392131c1511368739aJ1511368739

Executive Board Member
Gordan T. Crossland
Email: moc.l1511368739iamg@151136873928mit1511368739nadro1511368739G1511368739

Executive Board Member
Claude Frank
Email: moc.l1511368739iamg@1511368739omilc1511368739641511368739

Chief Steward
James Vines

Local 1959 Events

November 30, 2017
December 4, 2017