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Local 1207

Tonecia Hairston

Tonecia Hairston

Tonecia Hairston
Phone: 202-421-7882
Email: moc.o1516482010ohay@1516482010acien1516482010oth1516482010


“Where there is victory, Local 1207 stands tall and continues to believe, ’cause we are conquerors’ and we won’t accept defeat!!!”


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Local 1207 Officers

Chief Shop Stewart

Vice President
Purnell Vinson

Executive Board Member
Eugene Broadwater

Trustee (1 Year)
Karen Webb

Carlene Wood

Executive Board Member
Sandra Perez

Trustee (2 Year)
Merhert A

Recording Secretary
Jocelyn Brooks

Executive Board Member
Walter Acagon

Trustee (3 Year)
Annette Costley

Local 1207 Events

January 28, 2018
February 5, 2018