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Local 1200

Reginald Walker, Sr.

Reginald Walker, Sr.

Reginald Walker, Sr.
Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Phone: 202-578-7511
Email: gro.015063262992licn1506326299uoctc1506326299irtsi1506326299d@rek1506326299lawfr1506326299


“The time when there is no manager/supervisor or co-worker around to see what you are doing and the job is still well done is when you know the job was done by a union employee.”


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Local 1200 Officers

Vice President
Michael Coley
Email: moc.l1506326299iamto1506326299h@zza1506326299jchm1506326299

Malcolm Johnson
Email: moc.o1506326299ohay@1506326299858ja1506326299M1506326299

Recording Secretary
Margaret Barnes
Email: moc.o1506326299ohay@1506326299020021506326299bcM1506326299

Executive Board Member
Darlene Perry
Email: moc.l1506326299iamto1506326299h@95n1506326299eelra1506326299D1506326299

Executive Board Member
Joan Kirkland
Email: ten.n1506326299ozire1506326299v@dna1506326299lkrik1506326299srm1506326299

Executive Board Member
Tanja Ward
Email: ten.o1506326299rezte1506326299n@04y1506326299ssiT1506326299

Chief Steward