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Executive Officers

Our Executive Officers

“True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” ― Sheri Dew, Saying It Like It Is


Antoinette White-Richardson

Antoinette White-Richardson
President of Local 1808
DC Public Library

Phone: 202-570-6719
Email: gro.015131143812licn1513114381uoctc1513114381irtsi1513114381d@nos1513114381drahc1513114381ireti1513114381hwa1513114381


Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown
President of Local 2401
Dept. of Human Services

Phone: 202-365-0127
Email: moc.l1513114381oa@6a1513114381nirba1513114381snwor1513114381B1513114381


Reginald Walker, Sr.

Reginald Walker, Sr.
President of Local 1200
Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 202-578-7511
Email: gro.015131143812licn1513114381uoctc1513114381irtsi1513114381d@rek1513114381lawfr1513114381

Recording Secretary


Wayne Enoch
Secretary/Treasurer Local 2401

Email: moc.l1513114381iamg@15131143811042h1513114381conE1513114381