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Andrew Washington, Executive Director

Andrew Washington

District Council 20 Executive Director, Andrew D. Washington is one of the youngest Executive Director’s in the history of DC20.

District Council 20, AFSCME is the largest public sector union in the District of Columbia. Born and raised in southeast DC Mr. Washington was elected to this City’s most powerful Union on May 3, 2014.

As Executive Director, Mr. Washington, 45, now leads close to 7,000 public and private sector union members in the most powerful city in the world, Washington DC. These members work in various DC Agencies under the direct supervision of the Mayor just to name a few, The Dept. of Public Works, OSSE DOT, DC Public Library, Child and Family Services and the DC Public School System. District Council 20 also represents some independent agencies in the District such as Public Service Commission and Howard University.

Before becoming Executive Director, Mr. Washington served as President of his Local 1959 for over 15 years and Vice President of District Council 20 for 15 years to the late Council President Mr. James Ivey. As local President Mr. Washington developed a no nonsenses reputation in representing his members. As Vice President he was able to sharpen his skills in key areas that helped his rise to the position of Executive Director.

One of these areas was being selected to represent his Council on the Labor and Management Citywide Partnership Council where he showed strength and decisive decision making among his labor counterparts which brought him a level of respect among his labor colleague’s. He also was one of the most aggressive local Presidents in his Council taking on management anytime there was social and economic injustice within his local.

One of his crowning moments was when he organized a massive rally in 2013 that included the participation of at least 99% of his local which consisted of 1300 members and took it to City Hall when their negotiated Tour of Duty was threatened by their agency. He was successful in fighting against this action which forced the City to commit to never pursue this course of action again.

Andrew is the oldest of four siblings and attributes his passion to fight from his mother, Ms. Nona C. Washington who is a strong black woman that grew up in the DC Metropolitan area. She instilled in him at a very young age that if you worked hard and treated people with dignity and respect and above all else trust in GOD you will go far in life. His mom also worked a unionized job at an early age working in food service for the DC Public School System. Ms. Washington was also a single parent and she knew how valuable it was to have good wages, benefits and voice at work, not to mention job security when raising children alone. This was never more evident than with her ability to help Andrew go to college.

After College Mr. Washington came back home from NC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Johnson C Smith University and went to work for the District Govt. in 1992. He became a Shop Steward for Local 1959 in 1995. He quickly earned the respect of his peers as he rose in rank to become Chief Shop Steward in 1998. In 1999 he would rise to become the Youngest President in his Locals history and during that same time the youngest Vice President of District Council 20.

In 2014, with the overwhelming support of his fellow Council Presidents and their delegates, Mr. Washington would take on his greatest challenge yet as the newly elected Executive Director of District Council 20. He would now lead the largest and most powerful Union in the District of Columbia. “As I am Honored and Humbled to take on this new roll, it would be remissive of me not to mention that we cannot sit back anymore and do nothing as we are under attack like never before and too many people have died to get us to this point in our labor history. I truly believe God has put me here for a reason and I refuse to believe he brought me this far to LEAVE me”.